IRD Defiant Wide Compact Road Double Crank Set (46-30T)
Item# DEF4630

Product Description

We weren't sure what we should call this -- wide compact, super compact, touring double?

This is a 46-30t crankset, something that many touring and randonneuring cyclists have played with, but very few maker have mass produced them.

This double combo gives you almost as much gearing as a triple, but with less weight and less shifting.

If you have a 11-32t in the back, you can spend almost all your time in the big ring and only shift to the 30t on extended climbs.

- 94BCD / 46-30t 7075 aluminum chainrings

- 6061 cold forged aluminum arms

- High polished anodized finish throughout

- JIS square taper BB required (118mm)

- Q-factor: 143mm